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Name:Ω for fans of wildbow's works Ω
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Community description:discussion and fan content for the works of wildbow
Welcome to the parahumans community on dreamwidth!

We're fans of the works of John McCrae, a.k.a. wildbow:

  • Worm features a teenager with a superpower that lets her control bugs. She is mistaken for a supervillain on an early outing, and is thrust into a world where hero and villain and good and evil don't always match up.

  • Pact, our protagonist inherits his grandmother's house in a small town and her trove of diabolic tomes, along with all of the enemies and negative attention that come with being a diabolist. Allies are few and far between, and the best weapons at his disposal have consequences for use that could readily surpass whatever his enemies have in store for him.

  • Twig opens with a small group of protagonists, and they're small in more ways than one. In a world where biology is a plaything of scientists and great mysteries and challenges of life are being solved and ticked off one by one, we see a group of eerily competent children taking a hand in events.
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    alexandria, ao3, biopunk, blake thorburn, books, brockton bay, bulba, canon, cauldron, character generation, conspiracy, discord, drabbles, eidolon, epic fiction, fact-checking, fanart, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, fiction, horror, indie rpgs, j.c. mccrae, john c. mccrae, john mccrae, khepri, lambs, legend, maggie holt, morality debates, nondescript accountants, pact, parahumans, reddit, rooster cocoa brawn, rpgs, science fiction, skitter, space whales, spacebattles, superhero stories, superheroes, superpowers, supervillains, sylvester lambsbridge, tabletop rpgs, taylor hebert, traffic cones, triumvirate, twig, urban fantasy, vials, weaver, weaverdice, web serials, wildbow, worm, writing
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